Buildings via Venezia

Building via Venezia ("Polo Meccanico")

IT staff: Dario Vettore 
Address: via G. Colombo 5, zona aule didattiche, terzo piano

  Hardware equipment

Polo Chimico
Aula P33:
n° 20 Workstation HP Z230, Intel XEON E3-1241v3 3.5GHz, RAM 8GB
n° 13 Workstation Fujitsu, Celsius W510 Intel Xeon E31245, RAM 8GB

Polo Meccanico
Aula A: n. 48 Workstation HP Z230, Intel XEON E3-1241v3 3.5GHz, RAM 8GB
Aula B: n. 56 Workstation HP Z240, Intel XEON E3-1245v5 3.5GHz, RAM 8GB

  Software equipment

  • Abaqus 2017
  • Ace 3.7.3
  • Aloha
  • Anaconda 5.1 (con Python 3.6)
  • Ansys (Ansys Electric, Chemkin) 19
  • Aspen Plus 10
  • Autodesk Moldflow Insight - Synergy
  • CES Edupack 2018
  • Calculux
  • Catia 5
  • Cedrat Flux 12.1
  • Comsol 5.3 Update a
  • Control Station Loop Pro 5.2.5
  • DDBSP 2017
  • Dialux
  • EES 2016
  • Femm
  • Forge NxT 2.1
  • GMAT R2017a
  • GOM Inspect 2017
  • Homer Pro 3.11.6
  • ImageJ - Fiji
  • Koil
  • LTD Editor
  • Magneforce 42
  • Maple 2016
  • Matlab (Simulink - Simscape) Campus 2018a
  • Minitab 18
  • Mirage
  • Neplan 5.5.8 r2
  • Origin 2018 Sr1
  • Philips Database per Calculux
  • Pro/II 10
  • Psim 10.0
  • QtiPlot
  • Qlik + QlikSense 12.0
  • R/R Studio
  • Refprop 9.1
  • Ricardo Software 2017.a
  • Rhino (Glasshoper) 5
  • Road Wizard
  • Solidcam 2015
  • Solidworks 2018sp3
  • Statgraphics 17.2.05
  • Straus 7
  • Suite MSC (Adams, Marc, Nastran, Patran) 2017
  • Systema 4.8
  • XGSLab 6.6.1
  • Working Model 5

And also:

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe Reader
  • Cgwin
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Gimp
  • Google Earth
  • Office 2016 - Visio 2016 - Visual Studio 2013 - Write-N-Cite
  • Lyx - MiKTeX - TeXNiCCenter
  • Notepad++
  • Paint.NET
  • PDF24
  • Texmaker
  • VLC

  Access to workstations

Login to workstations using the Single Sign On credentials used to access e-mail and other University services (Uniweb, Moodle ...).
Students are required to keep their account valid and active, otherwise it will not be possible in any way to authenticate to the workstations.
To log in, enter your email address @ (eg and then your password in the username field.
Students of the Degree courses belonging to the Department are already included automatically, Erasmus students or students enrolled in single courses must be individually qualified (for the Erasmus student qualification, contact the teacher).
If the message "Account expired" appears, make a password change in Uniweb and try again.


1. Access is permitted only to students enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Degree courses of the University of Padua.
2. Operating system and all modules and software programs may not be used for personal or profitable activities. They cannot be copied and distributed on external installations, except when they are in the public domain.
3. Recreational activities are not permitted. It is forbidden to use games, to download and to use material not related to teaching and research.
4. Use of programs of trojan horses, hacking (even if in the public domain) and illegally copied software is prohibited.
5. Users are required to ensure the correct use of the equipment provided and use them in order to avoid any software or hardware damage. Examples:
a. It is forbidden to consume liquids or solids in computer laboratories.
b. It is forbidden to lock your stations and leave the laboratory for more than 30 minutes.
c. It is forbidden to unplug the power and network cables to connect them to your laptop computers, which are not allowed.
6. Opening hours: Building via Marzolo 8.30-19.00 Mon / Fri; Building via Venezia 8.15-18.30 Mon / Fri
7. The list of available software can be found at the link:
8. For inquiries or information, open a ticket in the DII Helpdesk system,, in the section "SERVIZI INFORMATICI::5 Poli didattici"
9. Students must not introduce chairs from other laboratories / classrooms.
Violations of the regulation will lead to suspension of access.