Formula SAE

Responsible for the project: Prof. Giovanni Meneghetti


The Formula SAE project is an international automobile competition reserved to Universities all over the world. It consists in designing, manufacturing, presenting and driving a vehicle on the track with technical characteristics in compliance with the SAE regulation. The competition is not won solely by the team with the fastest car, but rather by the team with the best overall package of construction, performance, and financial and sales planning.

The University of Padua has been participating in the competition since 2006 and has progressively been improving the car performances. The team is now working on the MG 14.19 car.

Additionally, in 2015 the Team decided to design an innovative electric car to compete in the dedicated category. As a result, the first FSAE electric car of the University of Padova – the ORIGIN-E – was manufactured in 2016.


Some of the best results are:

2010: winners of the Best New Comer award at the Silverstone event (UK)
2013: third among cars with internal combustion engines at the Silverstone event (UK)
2013: acceleration test winners at Silverstone (UK)
2014: winners of the Business Presentation Plan in Hockenheim (DE)
2014: winners of the Business Presentation Plan in Varano (IT)
2015: second place in the acceleration test at Hockenheim (DE)
2015: first place in the skidpad test (evaluation of lateral hold), second in the autocross test (qualifying lap) and fourth place in the acceleration test in Varano (IT)
2016: first place in Design and Skid Pad, third place in Autocross in Varano (IT)
2017: winners in Class 3 with the ORIGIN-E in Varano (IT)
2018: winners in the Cost Event and 5th overall position in Varano (IT) with the MG 13.18
2018: 2nd place in the Cost Event in Varano (IT) with Evolution-E


The team consists of about 70 students from the Schools of Engineering, Economics and Political Science, Law and Human and social Sciences and Cultural Heritage.

Over the years, the network of Sponsors has become increasingly important for the Formula SAE Team, which benefits from skills, working spaces, components, manufacturing and financial support.

Our main partner is OZ S.p.a, along with approximately hundred Companies, who believes that the FSAE project improves the professional skills of the students.