Presentation and mission

Head of Department: Stefania Bruschi
Deputy Head of Department: Piergiorgio Alotto
Head of Administration: Paolo Rando

Presentation and mission

The Department of Industrial Engineering (DII) of the University of Padua represents a center for research, training and skills in numerous areas of Engineering including Aerospace, Chemical, Electrical, Energy, Materials and Mechanical Engineering. The Department's mission is to promote the innovation of industrial engineering and competitiveness through excellence in research and training.

Founded in 2012 by the union of six independent departments, the DII hosts 48 research laboratories and provides four First Level degrees, seven Second Level degrees, two Doctoral programs and several Master courses. The staff counts over 500 among professors, researchers, doctoral students and technical and administrative staff.

Approximately 50% of revenue derives from collaborations with industries and research centers; in addition, numerous spinoff companies bear witness to the entrepreneurial ferment of DII.

Presentation of the Department

Presentation of Degrees DII 2019