Il nuovo numero - 2/2022 - della newsletter del DII DIINFORMA è consultabile online all'indirizzo: https://research.dii.unipd.it/diinforma/new/ .

Questo il sommario del numero 2/2022:

Electrically enhanced plasticity of duplex stainless steel UNS S32750

A multidisciplinary approach to improve microalgal productivity and energetic

Aerospace Systems
Use of LIDAR on UAVs for spatial analysis and monitoring environmental parameters at Villa Bolasco garden

Electrical Systems
Multiphysics modelling of flash sintering of ceramics

Hybrid additive manufacturing for the fabrication of freeform transparent silica glass components

Electrical Systems
Design of e-bike electric motor with high efficiency and high power density

Environmental and industrial safety
Identification of critical units for preventive and predictive maintenance in a Major Accident Plant

Electrical Systems
A Novel Three-Phase Power-Flow Algorithm for Transmission Networks

Speciale Progetto SAFE