Aerospace systems

Research activities

  • Dynamic analysis of flight systems
  • Satellite control
  • Thermal control
  • Space debris: risk analysis, protection systems from per-fast impact, risk mitigation, Active Debris Removal
  • Dynamics of atmospheric flight and autonomous aircraft
  • Dynamics of Space Flight and Astrodynamics
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Measurements, instrumentation and technologies for aerospace applications
  • Modeling of multiphysics phenomena
  • Design and qualification of low and high flight atmosphere systems
  • Design, implementation and qualification of tools and mechanisms for space applications
  • Aviation propulsion and aircraft engine
  • Propulsion and magneto-thermo-fluid dynamics
  • Thermo-fluid-dynamic propulsion
  • Miniaturized satellites: on-board technologies and payloads
  • Simulation of damage and fracture in materials
  • Systems for rendezvous and docking of satellites
  • Aerospace structures
  • Structural Integrity Monitoring Techniques
  • Virtual testing of Personal Protective Equipment e associated biomechanics
  • Fixed and rotary wing aircraft

Research groups

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