Seminario 16 settembre 2019


Il 16 settembre 2019 alle ore 10 presso l'aula Ke, via Gradenigo 6/a
il Prof. Hiroshi Amano, premio Nobel per la Fisica, terrà un seminario dal titolo

"The contribution of Gallium Nitride microelectronics for realizing a zero emission society"


A shift of the primary energy from fossil fuels to electrical energy and an increase in the ratio of renewable energy sources being used are essential to realize zero emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).
The Japanese government has targeted an 80% reduction in GHG emission by 2050.
Renewable energy sources are unreliable in terms of the stable operation of electric power systems because the electric power generation is unstable. Therefore, the combining of renewable energy sources with energy servers is essential. In addition, to realize an intelligent electric power system, high-voltage, high-current, and high-speed switching devices are required.
GaN-based horizontal and vertical power devices are the most promising candidates to satisfy these requirements. Recent achievements in the GaN-based horizontal and vertical power devices will be discussed.